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Install DNS Safety Filter on pfSense 2.4

The following steps show how to install DNS Safety filter with corresponding UI plugin on pfSense 2.4 64-bit. Note, that after installation you must follow several additional required steps before enabling the filter for actual use.

Add reference to DNS Safety repository

Login into pfSense terminal console and run the following commands to install the reference to DNS Safety repository into the system.

fetch -q -o /usr/local/etc/pkg/repos/dnssafety.conf
pkg update

Install DNS Safety

Now run the following commands in the console to install the latest version of DNS Safety Filter.

pkg install dnssafety

After installation is complete, ensure you have /opt/dnssafety/bin/dsdnsd daemon binary present on your pfSense system.

Install UI Plugin for pfSense

Finally, to install pfSense UI plugin for DNS Safety, run the following commands in the terminal console.

pkg install pfSense-pkg-dnssafety

Note, before enabling DNS Safety for the first time we need to perform several additional required steps.